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Kayla M. Foster graduated from Colorado State University with a  degree in Anthropology and has a deep love for writing, history, travel and art. When she is not writing you can find her hiking, exploring museums, or getting lost in a new painting or drawing project. Kayla's poetry has been found in publications such as the Vail Daily. She currently resides in Colorado with her husband, two cats, one dog and twelve fish.

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After living a normal life in the United States, Merrick Thanos is about to embark on a new scholarly adventure halfway across the world. But Merrick is not just drawn to the Greek islands for their beauty. His entire life he has felt a longing to be back in the country of his birth to find a sense of belonging and a connection to his culture.


However, after his arrival in Santorini, Merrick is met by strange occurrences that neither he, nor his adoptive father Tor can explain. Soon he is flooded with secrets about his true identity, and that of his family when a hidden and ancient world comes to light. Left with an ultimatum of which path to take in life, he discovers Greece may not be the safest place for him after all.


It’s been a long time coming and the wait is nearly over.


Kayla M. Foster is putting the finishing touches on her YA fantasy novel, filled with merfolk, adventure and a villian that you will love to hate.

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